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Through The Spectacle

It was twelve past five, my brother cried, ‘Ain’t you willing to collect your spectacle from the shop?’ from the other room.
I conformed.
‘Go, take your bath,’ he ordered. I stripped off my pants and rolled towel round my waist, which held tight tucked at my waist. I went into the bathroom and bathed.
I stepped out of the bathroom and uttered, ‘Are you ready?’
‘Give me two minutes, I will slide into my pant and put on a shirt.’
I did exactly what I committed.
Meanwhile, he went down.
I went to the front veranda, slid my foot into the kitto sandals and coincidently, he blew the bike’s horn. His blown horn broke the utter silence, which was being disturbed by the whining ceiling fan, and forced me to look out the veranda fences. It was all blurred- I could not see the brushing line of the leaves, which the rushing wind was whisking invisibly; I couldn’t see the beautiful five white petals of the pinwheels, which bespangled the tiny bush, the sexy opening curves at the mouth of the ye…