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The Path Unknown

I’d known the path I wish I’ve had been bestowed; The path, which I've had never thought would walk: The unknown, jagged path, I nurse now, is merely the path I walk, Has become wonted!
I wish I could divert, And, walk on alien one. Howbeit, I can’t: I can’t, for I have grown roots in this soil, And, I move where my roots take me.
I’m not weary. But, I’m overstrung, For, the way ahead is not known. My roots take me wheresoever I’m meant for.
Now, that I’m not queer to this way, Nor does it, I’ve unfolded my branches, Stretched apart: The gust of wind birches me, Titillating me sometimes, Sometimes- dashes: Don’t I dare move, Weening about the birds nested between My bows and leaves, For they are- life to me!
And, I- walk the path unknown.

Copyright © Subham Srivastava
Picture Courtesy: Mainak Das