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The Koko Tree

The little child barged into the house and, darted toward his mother, breathing hastily as if he would die if he didn’t say his mother, ‘Maa, I have something for you!’
The child’s face was besmirched with dust and, the streak of sweat running down his face, making his countenance similar to those of the terrorists’ faces: the kohl smudged dark slanting, parallel across their faces. But, the child’s face had the intense emotion of purity, loyalty, clean-heartedness and, innocence.
His mother was chopping salad for lunch on the kitchen counter. She stopped and, averted her face. ‘What’s that?’ she murmured.
‘Maa, see what I have got,’ after a brief pause, ‘for you,’ the restless child said. He brought his right hand forward stealthily and, put the left hand on the right hand to hide something; he raised both the hand up and opened the palms sideward, making a plate, on which a couple of pink, plumose flowers of Koko tree rested.
‘Maa, this is for you,’ the child said after puffing lun…