Durga Puja- 2015

The month of October has been marked as the month of Durga Puja. It’s believed that Goddess Durga comes to her father’s house from her in-law’s house. She comes for only 10 days and gets back to her in-law, after 10 days.

The month of October is very important for every individual, especially for everyone, starting from the beggar to the high profiled individuals. I think this month is the most happening and engaging month for everybody.

The arrival of Durga Puja can be witness by seeing the Saccharum spontaneum flowers blossoming and Nyctanthes arbour-tristis flowers scattering around its trees.

I think I must get specific this time. Bengalis! Yes, Bengalis! Durga Puja is mainly a Bengali festival. And, all Bengali enthusiasts do their best to enjoy these days, especially the last four days of the Puja. The enjoyment includes- shopping for puja, pandal hopping, family puja and many things. Now, this gusto differs person-to-person.

As I’ve written that this is particularly a Bengali festival, so, the first thing which may smite your head is West Bengal. Yes, compeers, West Bengal is well known for its Durga Puja. And, the Bengalis get engaged to many things during the month of Puja. I think prior to this month they start engaging themselves in shopping and preparation for the Puja.

The ride of Puja starts from day one i.e., Mahalaya. This is one of the auspicious days for everybody. This day everybody wakes up at dawn and prepare themselves for the Mahalaya.

Now, for those who don’t know what ‘Mahalaya’ is? Mahalaya is the long Sanskrit poem which has been given the form of a song. This song is been recited as the welcome song to Devi Durga as comes to her own house. So, this is a welcoming song! The song is been sung on the day of Mahalaya.

The roller coaster keeps on moving for the next ten days. And, with tantivy on the last four days on the Puja!
My personal favourite days are Ashtami (eighth puja!), Nobomi (ninth puja!), and the last day, Doshomi (tenth puja!). The eight puja is my fab list because this day every commoner worship Maa Durga. We all give ‘pushpanjali’. Pushpanjali is a Bengali term which means a floral tribute to gods and goddess. We tribute her with flowers! And, the ninth and tenth day is fab for hopping different pandals.

 This Puja was special for me. I enjoyed it to my fullest. I’ve recorded some of the moments and have had instagramed it. These moments are very special to me. I’ve embedded those feeds for you all. I hope you enjoy it. Scroll on and have a look:

A photo posted by Subham Srivastava (@subhamsrivastava) on
A photo posted by Subham Srivastava (@subhamsrivastava) on
A photo posted by Subham Srivastava (@subhamsrivastava) on
A photo posted by Subham Srivastava (@subhamsrivastava) on

A photo posted by Subham Srivastava (@subhamsrivastava) on

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