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Durga Puja- 2015

The month of October has been marked as the month of Durga Puja. It’s believed that Goddess Durga comes to her father’s house from her in-law’s house. She comes for only 10 days and gets back to her in-law, after 10 days.
The month of October is very important for every individual, especially for everyone, starting from the beggar to the high profiled individuals. I think this month is the most happening and engaging month for everybody.
The arrival of Durga Puja can be witness by seeing the Saccharum spontaneum flowers blossoming and Nyctanthes arbour-tristis flowers scattering around its trees.
I think I must get specific this time. Bengalis! Yes, Bengalis! Durga Puja is mainly a Bengali festival. And, all Bengali enthusiasts do their best to enjoy these days, especially the last four days of the Puja. The enjoyment includes- shopping for puja, pandal hopping, family puja and many things. Now, this gusto differs person-to-person.
As I’ve written that this is particularly a Bengali …