We feel shy!

Finally, I got something to share with you. I had a wonderful healthy conversation with one of my elder brother. Sorry, I can’t vouchsafe his name. I’ve had been strictly asked not to mention his name here in this post. But, I’m feeling so fortunate that when I asked him about putting our conversation on my blog, he acquiesce in with my initiative. But, at least I can thank him here. Thank you so much!

So, here is what I was talking about with him, ‘Masturbation’! You may think that this post will be a filthy post. But, wait a minute! Don’t click the cross button of this tab! Do give it a read because I’ve had encountered the worst part of my life. I was unreasonably abused by one of my Facebook friend whom I’d sent the befriending request. I thought he would be a nice person, but he was not. He was completely the opposite man I had thought he would be. I just thought this because he belongs to the city where my favourite writer Ruskin bond resides! And, I want to share the episode with you and also want to clear this asking mark (?) among the youth.

I don’t think it is necessary to mention the person’s name. Actually, I’m feeling uncomfortable to put his name on my blog. Even, thinking about him is a disguise for me! So, no to this idea of putting his name on the blog! Cancel!


Masturbation! Have you encountered this term? I’m pretty sure you might have. Do you talk about it with your friends? Obviously not! It makes you feel shy? Does it? Yes, it does. Have you ever imagined why? And, this time I’m also sure that you’ve not thought about it.
A truth which you need to believe blindly that we Indians, only we Indians feel very shy before talking about it or anything related to this matter.

I’ve researched about it. I mean a practical research. I’ve had asked many of my online friend (male!) whether they masturbate or not. And, there first reaction to my question was, “What?” And it generally took me more than a minute to make them understand that it is just a normal question like any other. And making them realise about it was not an easy job. But, I managed to make it through. . Even, I’ve had been asked by several whether I masturbate or not. My answer to them had been and will be, “Yes, I do, but, sometimes!”
I know you are thinking that how could a person ask this silly question. Are you? I’m sure! But, what is wrong in this? Yes, it shouldn’t be asked publicly. But, why is that?

Okay, these all things will be discussed afterwards, but now let me tell you something about masturbation-

MASTURBATION- (meaning) is a practice which boys do for a kind of sexual pleasure.
This is the single line I can tell you about masturbation. In fact, to make you understand!
There are many outside who are unaware of this term. I mean they don’t know what this practice is known in English. People have given it different terms varying from (may be!), place to place, state to state or it may vary country to country. But, this term in English is known to only those who have a perfect correct knowledge about it, world wide.

This is all about it. A very brief and precise intro of the word to those who don’t know!


Now, getting back to our discussion! So, where we were? Ya, I got it. I raised a few question. Lemme continue with that.

I asked why that is. Which meant, why we feel awkward while we talk about it? And, believe me, this awkwardness is only noticed in Indian realm. This is because we are accepting every change which is happening all around but, we’re not updating our mind or perception. We are still following the vogue which our forefathers used to follow.

Here, I’m only talking about ‘men’. And, this doesn’t mean that women or girls can’t raise their queries or pull up their question. Of course, you (male and female both!) all are requested to pull up your questions and ask it in the comments.

According to Indian perception, talking about it or asking about it with others is a ‘stigma’. It’s a sigma! Is it so? Does it really a stigma? Absolutely not! It doesn’t have anything to be the ‘stigma’ on our society. Okay, if it is a stigma, and we men are not supposed to be asked about it to anybody, then, why do only we men talk about a girl’s or woman’s private part? Has anybody thought about it? No! Now, where does the stigma goes? Any idea! No. Complete blank...!

India, a country where girls are designed to be Durga, Kali and many goddesses, has these men who talk about this nonsense.

This was in case of girls or women. Their perception reveals what they are up to.
In case of boy or men, talking about it is a sin. Why is so? Does it really a sin? No!
Here is where we Indians are lacking behind. We need to change our perception and need to accept something which can make us more developed. I’m not insulting the men. I’m just trying to make this clear to all of you that talking about some biological term like masturbation and etc. among ourselves is not a stigma, which has been followed since the age of kings and all, or a dogma which we’re bound to follow.

I’m an introvert, an ambivert, and an extrovert as well! I’m a complete extrovert in these matters. Talking about something which has sense and a specific meaning shouldn’t be called as the stigma. These are something related to biology. We’re been taught or introduced about it in our biology classes in school. And, why feel shy when you are literal. Feel free to think and expose or express your thoughts. Let them flow. Don’t stop them to flow.

So, this is time to share the conversation with you. So, here’s it-

This is how the conversation was with him. 

Once again thank you!

Anyways, this is all for it and I want you all to share any of your episode of your life where you had thought that that shouldn't be called as the stigma. Leave those thoughts in the comments.

It's not a stigma!


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