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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, literary means a protection bond. The bond between anybody, Especially the bond between the sisters with their brothers!
Tying a decorated ribbon on brothers’ wrist, shows the sisters’ might. A method to express love and respect; And, a way to ask protection! The sacred bond which is not easy to express, Is only being expressed by tying this unbreakable bond!
 The relation which can only be felt by experiencing! Purity, loyalty run through the veins of this relation! Non-permeable sheal protects it. The knot and the ribbon have the power to hold this for life long.
Beyond any relation, beyond any perception, I feel for the one who will protect me till my last breath. I expect him to protect me even after my death, Wherever I’ll be taken, either heaven or hell!
Every breath of mine is dependent on him. Every step is apparently checked by him before I step. Protecting me from the norms! Protecting me from being called ‘the stigma’! Protecting me from those who want to eat me!
I’m fastening…

We feel shy!

Finally, I got something to share with you. I had a wonderful healthy conversation with one of my elder brother. Sorry, I can’t vouchsafe his name. I’ve had been strictly asked not to mention his name here in this post. But, I’m feeling so fortunate that when I asked him about putting our conversation on my blog, he acquiesce in with my initiative. But, at least I can thank him here. Thank you so much!
So, here is what I was talking about with him, ‘Masturbation’! You may think that this post will be a filthy post. But, wait a minute! Don’t click the cross button of this tab! Do give it a read because I’ve had encountered the worst part of my life. I was unreasonably abused by one of my Facebook friend whom I’d sent the befriending request. I thought he would be a nice person, but he was not. He was completely the opposite man I had thought he would be. I just thought this because he belongs to the city where my favourite writer Ruskin bond resides! And, I want to share the episode wit…