Campaigning Vitiligo!

This is something which at a glance I wanted to write on! And this time I’ve made it through to write something very important, which most of the people in our society don’t know. This post is to promote the campaign which was held the last month.

Our society has a whole thick bunch of dogmatic ideas which are totally baseless (according to me!). I don’t find or see any kind of facts behind of these ideas. I think these theories only criticise people and expose them to gossip and contumely. And this bullying is literally a sort of torture for them. I’ve seen this type of boycotters, who bruit about these (bullshit!) ideas, and which are only present in our ‘Indian’ society!


Have you heard this term earlier? I don’t think so! There are many out there who are unaware of this term or have not ever come across to this term. I was also unaware of this term but, the campaign made me aware of this term!

Let me tell you something about this term- ‘Vitiligo’. Vitiligo is a sort of skin disorder or disease. It occurs when the skin pigment cells or the melanocytes die or stop functioning or aren’t able to function properly. And this skin disorder ‘is not contagious’. In this skin disorder, white patches are visible on the skin. These patches can occur on any place of our body. Even it can be visible or effect hair, the inside of the mouth or eyes. It doesn’t have any proper skin type that it would occur on a particular skin colour or tone. It could occur on any skin colour. But it is most visible on the people with darker skin tone.

This campaign was a non-commercial project which was being led my two elder brothers and sisters-
1.      SrivatsanSankaran (Creative head of this project under Srivatsaa Photography)
2.      Praveen Leo (photographer)
3.      Smita Joshi (Focal Frames Photography)
4.      Bhaskar (One of the Project Initiators &  one of the models)
5.      Suganya (Content editor)
6.      Bharath Kumar (photographer)
7.      Meenakshi. S (Homemaker)
8.      DivyaBharathi (Fellow at Teach For India)
9.      Bhaskar (Eco Entrepreneur and Environmentalist)
10.  Nathan Ayyangar (Bank official)
11.  Anandhraj (Software Engineer)
12.Ayushi Mehta &Dharam Mehta (Couple from Surat)

I asked my brother-cum-friends, Srivatsan and Bhaskar, what made them do this? And they said,
"Since one of Vitiligo friends requested me to create documentary to spread positive vibe about it, i have created the concepts of covering more vilitigo people along with their mindset to provide a strong message to public.
Main Motivation is to do something for public and so I grabbed this opportunity to make it better"  –Srivatsan.
The main reason is to make Vitiligo affected people to accept it and come out of the stress. In India there is no discrimination or harassment againstVitiligo people. But teenagers get more stressful when it comes to issues like beauty, finding a partner, social life, going to parties, meeting new people in office, shyness etc.
 I had all these problems and never mingled with new people easily. Even to select a dress is a very big task for me.
Through facebook groups, I came to know that others are also undergoing the same stress. This was the driving force to create awareness and make people flaunt their Vitiligo with pride and confidence.-Bhaskar.
And the whole crew had worked hard to propagate or to erase the idea of this stereotype from our society. And the volunteers who have volunteered them were the crucial part of this crusade.
25th June is mentioned as the World Vitiligo Day.
So, on this eve, my fellow big brothers had organized an exhibition from 25th of June to 28th of June and the venue was Spaces, No. 1, Elliots Beach Road, Chennai.
They had also come up with the thoughts of the people who are the victim to this skin disorder and their thoughts have inspired me, which have been showcased below (scroll on to see. And know their thoughts are going to inspire you as well!)-

Vitiligo Pic #1

Vitiligo Pic #2

Vitiligo Pic #3

Vitiligo Pic #4

Vitiligo Pic #5

Vitiligo Pic #6
Vitiligo Pic #7

Vitiligo Pic #8

Vitiligo Pic #9

Vitiligo Pic #10

Vitiligo Pic #11

Vitiligo Pic #12

Vitiligo Pic #13

What Actually Vitiligo Is?
Vitiligo Pic #14
My opinion-

I don't think people should judge anybody on their skin colour. If now they practice this sort of nonsense then it is a bullshit. I mean how could one judge the other person on the basis of his/her skin colour? Does it make any sense? No, not at all. Our world has developed and with it, our mentality should also developed, but no our Indian society needs to stick to the old social norms which were practiced during the age of our forefathers, which is literally not required. In fact, with the age of developing everybody is developing their mindset. They are accepting everyone. But still, the few part of our country is stuck to the ancient norms. It needs literacy which our country lacks behind. Making mass literate is the first thing to overcome or leave these (bullshit!) norms behind. 
I've written a short poem which describes my feelings-

My Skin Colour

My colour is black;
I’ve beautiful white spots on me.
I feel like I’m on heaven after noticing it.
I think it is a boon, gifted by the Almighty.
I showed it to you, and you said,
“Go away! You filthy, man. You look ferocious.”
I was shocked.
I don’t know what crime I did at that moment of my life.
I only knew about my book.
I appreciated it,
But you smeared me.
I thought about it.
But I found that you were wrong and you’ve always been wrong.
I’m the one who has been gifted with this white ‘beauty’ on me.
And you’re the cursed one.
My body has the special pigment, which you don’t have.
I can show them to all,
But you, the accursed, don’t have anything to show off!
Your fallacious beliefs are pulling me down with you.
But I’ll not lose myself.
I’ll fight.
I’ll fight till the last breath of my life.
You jinxed man,
Just leave my legs and stop pulling others like me.
I’m the most beautiful one, in this earth.
And I’m the delighted at my skin colour. Because I’m the colourful one.

Friends, now you are aware of this fact and let us disseminate this campaign. Hold our hands and join them!


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