Campaign For "World Elder Abuse Awareness". My Happiest Moment With My Grand parents!

I’ve lost both of them. I lost my Grand Pa this year and my Grand Ma six years ago. It has been a big heartbreak I’ve ever come across. 

Grand Maa...I love you!

My world was more or less shattered when I lost my Grand Ma. She was the goddess of truth for me. She had always spoken truth throughout her life. When she was here she inculcated this seed me as well. She was the only woman in my life then, whom I’ve loved from the core of my heart. I lost her after the six months after she came to see me, when I broke my left hand accidently while playing in the school.
 The day I broke my hand, that day only I called up my Grand Ma and asked her to come here. She came here when he heard that I’d broken my hand while playing. She was here after a couple of days when the accident took place. 

It was dawn. I was sleeping. Someone ranged the door bell. And as my hand was broken, I couldn’t open the gate and couldn’t be able to welcome the early morning visitor to my home.

No body, neither my Mum, Dad or brother had informed or told me about my Grand Ma’s arrival. I was shocked when I first got a glimpse of my Grand Ma. She just sat beside my head. I hurriedly got up and hugged her. That was the best moment I’ve had ever encountered. 

She was a heart victim. 

She was afraid to go out and walk a bit. Actually she felt nervous while she went out with anybody. Anxiety had always been surrounding her when she used to go for any sort of journey. She kept thinking- “Whoever is with me while I’m out, if something happens to me then how he/she will manage?” She really didn’t make through it. She used to go out only when she used to travel, like she came to stay with me.

The day she arrived here I was literally happy. I called her once, and she came here. She stayed with me for one and a half month. In this spell of time I had talked to her a lot. She gave me many lessons of being a ‘good human being’ which have had induced me. I got to understand this when she passed away that she was trying to foster me. 

The day I apprehended it that day I vowed to my Grand Ma’s soul that I’d introduce every all thing which she has taught me. I’d pledged those things when she was alive.
 I think while she was talking to my Mum she disclosed this matter. The other day my Mum grilled me about the incident. In reply I said, “This is the top secret of mine and Grand Ma.” After this she has never asked me this question again.

My Grand Ma has gone, but before leaving this world she has sowed the seed of ‘being a good man’ in me. Whatever I’m now today, is just because of my Granny’s lessons.

Grand Pa is my second inducer after Granny.”

Now, if I start talking about my Grand Pa you won’t believe that he is what I’m going to tell you. Whatever I say is less. If I exaggerate that would also be less. He was such a wise man. He has always been inspiring me whenever I used to visit him. Though, I was very infrequent in those days because of my school schedule. 

My Grand Pa was a very generous and wise man. He was too strict. He was a very strong man. He never used to cry, easily. He knew how to control emotions very well other than any member of my family. Actually I’ve had never seen a drop of water rolling on his chick out of his eyes. 

He was addicted to books after he was retired from the post of Station Master. He had devoted himself to the world of books. I got to know about it when I gained maturity. As I said I was not so frequent to my Grand Parent’s house, so whenever I visited him I generally saw him reading books. He had read many book, even  though I don’t know the names.

My Grand Pa has fostered me to read books. Generally I never used to touch books other than my course books. But whenever I’ve had seen my Grand Pa readin’ something I also wanted to read something like him. In this was I was introduced to the world of books by him ‘indirectly’.

My Grand Pa is the only person apart from the writer Ruskin Bond who has inspired me to read and write. I’ve started dreaming of 'being a writer' after being introduced into this amazin’ world.

Remarkably my Grand Parents (My Mum’s Dad & Mum) have been my true and sole inspirations in my life. They both have inculcated in me the seed of ‘being a good person’ and ‘to become a writer’ respectably.

I love my Grand Parents.
 I’ve never thought or taken my Grand Parents as a burden.

But according to the survey conducted by Help Age India there are many Grand Parents who have been treated very abominably by their own sons and daughters and by their own grand sons and daughters. And they think their grand parents as a burden; they don’t think that they have only taught them to walk by holding their fingers when they were a little child. The information provides that 50% of the elderly face exploitation in various forms. Verbal Abuse (41%), Disrespect (33%) and Neglect (29%) are increasing at an alarming rate (I got this info from Indi Blogger’s website). 

NGOs and various institutions have been built to support these elder people from every aspect and helpin’ them.

15th June has been recognised or named as the ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day’ by the charity which works and deals with the well fare of elder citizens of our country, Help Age India

Why we think our elders or our grand parents as a huge burden on us? I really don’t think they are ‘the’ burden on us. In fact, they are ‘the wisest’ persons we’ve in our life. They are the individual who have experience ever all sorts of things; have faced many hurdles of life, and know how to tackle them. They are the biggest teacher we’ve in our life. 

Indi Blogger has given me a golden opportunity to write on this wonderful topic and to raise voice against these sinful deeds. Thank you.

Let us join this campaign and support our grand partents!


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