Sunday's Rain

It was Sunday, I remember. I was praying to God to switch on his natural and unbeatable shower.  And I think fortunately my saying or my message had been delivered to his ‘inbox’. And I was thinking that that day would be my best day because my message had not bounced to his spam box (yeppy...!).

It was incredibly hot. And everybody was fed up with this sweaty, dry and balmy day. I’m and was so uncomfortable with this torrid weather that I’d keep sitting inside my bath tub till the evening. 

It was ‘Sunday’, pretty hectic day for me.  My schedule for Sunday is pretty packed up and it is very rare that I’m free on Sunday. Fortunate, I think it was fate that I’d be free throughout the day, especially on Sunday.  It was my serendipity that that day was too sweltering. 

Throughout the day I just kept hunching- what should I do the next moment and all unwanted abstractions were coming which were exasperating me.

I somehow managed to mollycoddle myself in the world of my books. Natheless, the blistering temperature kept exacerbating me. If you are following me on Facebook or on Instagram or on Twitter, then you might have noticed that I’m a ‘Bookmaniac’ person. So this ‘quality’ of mine has kept me going on that searing day.

Whole day was passed and now the turn was for the evening time and as I said earlier that I’d prayed to the Almighty to pour his divine water on us. And he did so. He added a few things more and made the evening wonderful (for me it was pretty wonderful). I just love when it rains. Something like that happened that day as well. To know more watch the video which I recorded for you guys. I worked a lot for this video, friends. I hope you like it. 

Over to you friends. Share with me your feeling about “SUMMER”. What do you do when it rains during this ‘muggy’ weather in the comment section below?

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  1. Hi Subham,

    You are lucky indeed :)

    Seems like the Rain God have had mercy on you finally! We are still scorching in this heat with temperatures that keep rising by the day! I think another 3 weeks before the rains arrive our end.

    Nice video, though the voice still needs to be worked on a little. But I could make out the excitement seeing your happy expression more than anything, everything changes when it rains, and we look forward to it too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    1. I personally like rain. And I feel so blessed that I could make it through.
      Thank you.

  2. Wonderful Subham
    You are doing great with your vlogs. As I mentioned you earlier, you need to work on the voice part. Rainy seasons are great. They bring in more positivity and freshness in our life.

    1. I completely agree with you. And I love positivity.


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