Review: ABCD 2



Varun Dhawan as Suresh/Suru; Shraddha Kapoor as Vinnie; Prabhu Deva as Vishnu Sir; Dharmesh Yelande as Dharmesh; Lauren Gottlieb as Olive; Raghav Juyal as Raghu; Pravin Bhosale as Chotu; Sushant Pujari as Vernon; Punit Pathak as Vinod; Karthik as Raju; Prachi Shah as Suresh's mother; Tisca Chopra as Vishnu's Ex-wife


 A story of some struggling dancers and a struggling choreographer!

A dance group whose has some struggling dancers like Surru (Varun), Vinnie (Shraddha) and many others who are seeking opportunity for proving themselves. They get a chance to prove themselves and they participated in a dance competition where they dance, natheless, they copy the dance steps from others. As a result they lose this chance and fail. Even they get a stamp of ‘cheater’ on them. They are literally insulted and eventually you get to know about Surru’s Mum who was also a dancer, who died ghungru on. She devoted herself to dance. This incident hurts Surru’s sentiments. After this disgusting incident many of their group members leave the group and there group splits off. They start leading their lives as they live and continue listening to the taunts by others.

Eventually Surru finds a dance mentor Vishnu (Pravudeva). He along with his friends request him to guide them and they cajoled him to mentor them. They start practising for an international dance competition. As a result they climb the first step to success. In this way they qualify the selection round where they face an embarrassing and a very humiliating situation of disqualification without performing. But they manage to perform. They get the entry to the international dance competition. And eventually we get to know that the mentor who has been chosen by the dancer is cheating them. He wants to flee to America to see his son at least for once. And his son merely realised him about his mentorship indirectly and also make him realised that he and his team are representing India. He gets back to the rest dancers and get back to the practise. 

While practising Vinnie hurts her leg and can’t dance for a couple or more dance acts. To replace them the team needs a dancer who is Indian. So they find a new member, Olive (Lauren  Gottlieb), who helps them with their dance competition. 

Eventually Vennie falls in love with Surru. 

And they all Raghu, Vennie, Olive and rest of the team perform in the finals but due to some unavoidable circumstances they can’t get the first position, instead they win the third position. And this way the movie ends.


Indeed, Varun and Shraddha along with other dancers have acted awesome. Natheless, the story has to be more interesting. Although, I enjoy watching the movie!

This movie has again inspired me, once again. My hairs stood up while I was watching the movie. Dharmesh’s and Punit’s dance while selection for the team has mesmerized me. And Punit’s dialogue that, he feels dance. This has also inspired me to feel literature as I love literature. And to feel something which is your passion is a boon for one. And the last act or dance is amazing. I love it.  And this movie has also raised the respect for India. This movie has inspired me work hard to achieve my goal. And I’ll definitely work hard.

I’ll give this movie three and a half stars.


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