Happy Yoga Day

Yoga! It is ‘the’ physical, mental and spiritual practice to gain the mental relief.

Yoga is one of the oldest and good thing we Indians have been practicing or inherited form our ancestors. The evidence of being practiced Yoga in the early times has also been found in the Indian Upanishads (nonetheless unclear!).

Importance of Yoga has started being spread throughout the world especially in the western countries by Swami Vivekananad in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Yoga has been a vital part of Indian tradition. In fact, till date yoga is being practiced throughout the world with a huge acceptance, importance and interest.

And last year 21 June has been declared as ‘World International Yoga Day’ (I’m glad! Thank you, Modi sir for this wonderful gift!).


Importance of Yoga is very simple and effective as well. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can make you feel good. It helps you gain a mental stability. It helps you to remove stress and unwanted anxiety. It improves your flexibility and strengthens your muscles. It also keeps you healthy. It also makes you beautiful. It improves your blood circulation and respiration.


1. SURYA NAMASKAR: My personal favrouite!  This is basically a whole-body stretching. A sort of warm-up.
Surya Namaskar
2. PADMA ASAN: Concentration. Practicing this yago improves your 'concentration'. It helps and teaches you to sit straight which is good for your spinal cord.


3. VAJRASAN: It is need to be practice after having any meal.


4: SAVASAN: It is basically a little nap after the completion of every yoga you practice.


5: PASCHIMOTTANASAN: It is the best way to reduce excessive fat in the abdomen area.  

So, these are 'the' few yogas which one should do or practice every day to stay healthy and happy.

Over to you friend, as I asked you the question there in the video, do share it with me in the comment section below. Wish you all a 'Happy International Yoga Day'!


  1. Yoga is good for health.. Thanks for sharing yog aasanas


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