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Live your life in 'the' present: Quote Challenge 1

Live your life in ‘the’ present. What you have done the few seconds ago is impossible for you to change it. And don’t think about your future that what would happen. Instead think about what you are doing at this very moment. Whatever you are doing now is going to decide how your future will be. Indirectly you are the navvy of your future. Just keep doing good deeds and don’t think about the result. Your ‘good deeds’ will ensure your success. -Subham Srivastava I always wanted someone to ask me to do this. And finally last day I was tagged in Namrata Di's blog post about this quote competition. Thank you, Namrata di. She is the admin of the blogA Lexical Tapestry

This quote is totally my mantra to lead my life blemish free and flawlessly. I personally adhere it and ask every of my friend that they must live their respective lives with loyalty. Even I ask you and personally recommend you to all to be loyal to yourself. Just live your present and don't think about your past d…

Happy Yoga Day


Review: ABCD 2


Rain, My Love!

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