My First Ever Blogger Friend In My Ctiy

Having a blogger friend in the city of a blogger is the best thing he/she can have in life apart from all sorts of thing. I don’t know about others but it is something very special for me to have a blogger friend physically rather than virtually.

 Needless to say, Facebook act as a medium for me and all my friends there to get connected and be in touch with all kind of friends whether a blogger or a non-blogger it doesn’t matter. 

So, I got to know about him (I think) a couple of months ago. I was surfing for friends on Facebook and eventually found him there. I was sending request manually. I was checking everybody’s profile and then after a few checking I came across to his profile. And I sent him the request to befriend me. So, the other day I checked my Facebook account and then got the notification that 2 friend requests which I had sent the last day, had been accepted by the person whom I sent.

I didn’t talk to him or chat with him for a month after being befriended by him.
So, a couple of days I was going through all my virtual friends who are somehow real for me. Some of them being virtually are really real in my life, though I haven’t met them ever. My friends really matters to me a lot whether it’s virtual or real.

So, after a long lecture, I must introduce to you my first ever blogger friend in my city- Saptarishi Tah. 

About him- He is an engineering student at UIT, Burdwan University. He is in his last year of it. He is a calm person (which I personally discovered after meeting him). His hobbies are photography, blogging and mountaineering. He loves mountain a lot. He me a photo and travel blogger.

I talked to him a day before yesterday and had a pretty long conversation online and I really enjoyed talking, actually chatting to the person who belongs to my home city or town and he is in the same field in which I’m in, is a very good thing for me.

I’m so glad that I’ve a blogger friend in my city. There may be many but I don’t know any of them. We can get many bloggers every now and then if we search on line. The same thing happened with me, but I didn’t have any idea that this wonderful happening would turn into a successful friendship between us.
It could have been a bit different if I hadn’t talked to him or hadn’t sent him the request.
After talking to him I discovered a real feeling of being blogger in real life. Though, I know that I’m a blogger eventually and virtually. 

After the long conversation, I asked him to meet me. He replied that his exams would be starting from Monday, so he would meet me after the completion of his examination. I said him okay. And started waiting for his exam to get completed. The very day we exchanged our numbers. The very next day that is yesterday I wished him good morning and he text me.

So I suggested a place and confirmed the time. He agreed and we met there. I reached the venue a few minutes prior and was waiting for his arrival. He came at near about 5:10am and we had a glass of cold coffee and tried to reduce the hotness of the moment. We walked into a couple of shops where I’d some work to do. So within a few minutes I was done with the sort of work for which I went into the shop. Then we walked along the road and he took me with himself to his house and I went there with him.

I was there in his house for the next couple of hours and I divided two sections of it. In the first half I talked about blogging and all stuffs related to it and about his blogging journey as well. And the second half was for the few personal query which I had. 

The meet-up was really amazing. I asked all the question which I pulled up in my mind throughout the day.
Now, it’s up to you friend what would be your questions or feeling after meeting the first ever blogger friend in you city. Do share it in the comment section below.

And if you like the article then, do share it among your friend. Thank you  


  1. Thank you Subham for this blog......keep we will work as team..:)

  2. Hello Subham,

    That's indeed the very happy moment when you meet up with someone from your own town who does the same thing as you. :)

    Great that you met with Saptarshi, I am hopeful you both guys be beneficial to each other!

    My search is on, I have yet to find someone from my little tiny town.

    Good luck to you both!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    1. I'm pretty sure that you'll also find someone from your town who does the same thing as you do.
      Thank you.

  3. Hey Shubham,

    Happy to visit your blog, read this post and quite amused with your friend's meet who lives in your city. Its more thrilling to meet a friend who is of same interest and likeness, rather than meeting a normal friend. Your post aroused to meet my blogger friends of my city for first time. Yeaa !!
    Happy Blogging Brother


    1. Thank. And indeed it is the best part in a blogger's life to have a friend circle of bloggers.


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