Pioneers Need Peace

The peace is the best thing for a pioneer to do something new.
That was my second visit at my Grand Pa's house, it is situated in Jamalpur, Munger District, Bihar. I know most you don't have any idea or heard about this city. So, let me introduce you all to Jamalpur-

As per my knowledge and what I've heard about it it is a well planned city. British has planned this city in such a manner that it wouldn't face any flood in future and yes it hasn't faced flood ever in past. And in contrast it is also said that if this place ever faces flood then this planned city would turn into debris and ruins. And the aftermath would be very disastrous for every people staying there. And it is a under-developing city.

As you know Bihar is a rocky place or region so it experiences the driest & hottest summer as well as the chilly, cold winter. So, technically, I visited during the on-set of summer and again revisited it when the summer has started spreading its effect. It was the second day, early morning of my revisited when I and my brother decided to go for a short ride to the silent, calm and the most beautiful place of the city. So, we went there and eventually I was so-so fascinated about the picturesque beauty of the place that it had made me spellbound. I was completely speechless for the next few minutes. Now coming to the place- the place it situated at the suburban area of the city. It is completely isolated from the city- pollution free and obviously noise free that is why I said "the most peaceful area in the city". It is called The Filter House, you could guess why is it named so? Yes, obviously you can. This is the only place of the city which supplies and distributes water in the city. As I said, "Bihar is a rocky region", so this city is also surrounded by the mountains. And this place is on a short hill top. This is the only place where I'd like to go everyday whenever I go there (I recommend this site to all, whoever is planing to visit this city for any-kind of purpose make sure you visit this site and it worth your visit).

While I was grooming the place I saw a long stair case which leads down to the pumping machine of the Filter House. I climbed the stairs down and was literally captivated by the charming effect of that place. And I think this enthralling exquisiteness had driven me to click this image.

And a special thanks to Namrata Di who inspired me for this post.


  1. Hi Subham,
    Great peace of information.
    Keep it up.
    Have a great day :)

  2. hey Subham,
    Heard about Jamalpur for the first time. Thank you for the facts.
    A few more images would have added spark to this post.

    Thank you

    1. This post was a special post. Need to describe a picture.


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