Earthquake Vlog

This was the first time I experienced Earthquake. It was really a horrific experience. And embarrass to shot this video-



  1. Hi Subham,

    That was a nicely done up video, perhaps your very first one. :)

    Yes, the earthquake was pretty bad and all we can do from our end is pray, while the government would move ahead and send some relief and help to Nepal.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    1. Indeed this is my first video blog. And I'm praying for those who have been suffering from the quake.

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  3. Hi Subham,

    Good to see your VLOG. For the first timer it is really nice. And yes, the suffering of Nepal is immense, so all of us lets come together and pray for Nepal.

    Keep making new videos and sharing!!!

    1. I'll. And our blessings are with Nepal.
      With regards,


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