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(I’m so lucky to have such edifying, factual and so supportive friends like Anirban Da, RohanBhaiya, Rahul Bhaiya, Apoorv Bhaiya, Vijaya Di, Saurav Da, Swadhin Sir, Harleena Ma’am, Shahrukh Bhaiya, Vikash Bhaiya, Namrata Di, Piyush Bhaiya and many others and some of my friends too. This post is dedicated to Anirban Da’s question which he has asked in one of his Facebook status along with the review of the movie ‘123 Hours’.)

I know it’s been a long stretch ever since this movie had released. And it’s quite annoying for me that I’ve not watched and heard about this movie for at least once. This has been my first time that I watched this movie. I’d like to thank Anirban Da for whom I got to know about this movie and whose post inspired me to write this article. Technically this post is about to answer one question which has been asked by my friend, but along with answering this question I will be doing a quick review of this movie and would like to share some of my thought which enthusiast me to write.

This is my first review, hope it goes well, figures cross! 

127 Hours: Review

Friends, this movie is a ‘must-watch’ movie which you should watch and if you haven’t watched it still, grab it from somewhere and watch it. 

The movie is a British-American biographical survival drama film directed by Danny Boyle and the film stars James Franco as real-life canyoneer Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot canyon in Blue John Canyon, South-eastern Utah.

This film starts in this way: Aron Ralston (James Franco) decides to canvoy in the Canvoylands National Park in Utah. He drives to the park. He starts his journey in the evening of Saturday and soon he reaches the place within a couple of hours or more and sleeps in his car only throughout the night. He starts with his canyon journey the very next morning that is Sunday.
He starts his day with riding the bicycle which he has brought with him and while riding it, he meet two girl named Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn) who are hikers and has befriended them. Soon he shows them the under-ground pool (which I’ve found a secret place for anyone to hide. I personally like this part of the movie very interesting.).

He parts his way with the hikers and soon enters Blue John Canyon through a slot canyon. He slips and falls; a boulder falls and traps his hand against the wall. It’s not easy for him to remove the boulder. He tries to call for help, but unfortunately no one is around at that moment to hear him. He starts video dairying on his camera. He uses the larger blade to his pocket multi-tool to clip away the boulder. But his efforts are futile. 
When he finds that his blades are not able to help him out, he decides to cut his arm. But he finds the knife to be blunt to break his skin. Again he tries to stab his hand, but realizes he won’t be able to cut through the bone. He has rationalized his food and water. Soon he finishes his  food and water and out of water, he’s forced to drink his own urine. He starts losing hope to survive. He has started hallucinating about escape, relationships and past experiences, including a former lover, family, the hikers. After five days, he again hallucinates about a little boy.

He is quite a knowledgeable person and manages the way to cut his hand off. Finally on the fifth day he makes himself free from the trap and walks down and rappels down the canyon and drinks from a pool of rainwater, and meets a family on a day hike. He is picked up by a group of patrollers. He recovers soon and continues his climbing and mountaineering hobbies, and starts a family.

Now it’s the time to answer the question which has been asked. The question is:  “What would you have done, if you were trapped?”
I’d like to say, if I were there in his place then I might have lost my patience and would have not been be able to bear the pain when the blonder crushed my hand against the wall.

And seriously friends this movie has literally inspired me and taught me- not to lose patience whatever may be the circumstances, because if you don’t know how to hold your own bearing power then you might not be able to survive the toughest challenges which are still waiting in your near future.

So here we come to the end of this post. After reading this review or post please do leave a honest comment in the comment section below & if you enjoy reading then please share it amidst your friends in all your social networking sites. Happy reading!


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