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Earthquake Vlog

This was the first time I experienced Earthquake. It was really a horrific experience. And embarrass to shot this video-


Pioneers Need Peace

That was my second visit at my Grand Pa's house, it is situated in Jamalpur, Munger District, Bihar. I know most you don't have any idea or heard about this city. So, let me introduce you all to Jamalpur-

As per my knowledge and what I've heard about it it is a well planned city. British has planned this city in such a manner that it wouldn't face any flood in future and yes it hasn't faced flood ever in past. And in contrast it is also said that if this place ever faces flood then this planned city would turn into debris and ruins. And the aftermath would be very disastrous for every people staying there. And it is a under-developing city.

As you know Bihar is a rocky place or region so it experiences the driest & hottest summer as well as the chilly, cold winter. So, technically, I visited during the on-set of summer and again revisited it when the summer has started spreading its effect. It was the second day, early morning of my revisited when I and my bro…

127 Hours: Inspired Me!