Relation- A Kind Of Tree!

Hello friends, it’s been quite longer ever since I posted my last article on my blog. During this long span of gap I have been through a criticizing and compromising days. While I was going through this suffocating stretch I managed some time to jot down my journals in my-diary. And it was quit tough enough for me to write this article based on a true incident which transpired with me. That time I was quite shattered and subsequently resolved to walk on my own rule and would follow them in my life. And I also advice you to adhere your own rule and live your life the way you want as I started.
 Actually I’m quite regular in entering my journals.  But those days were something which I will never forget. That spell of time taught me many things and I’ve also made-my-mind to be firm and be to-the-point and lead my life the way I want.
This post is from one of the journals which I’d entered during that period and I’ve altered a little thing to make it perfect.

It happened on 23rd March, ’15:
Maintaining a relation (#love; #friendship; or any other including #family-relations) is pretty tough thing to manage! Isn’t it arduous or is it as simple as our daily schedule, which could be change at any moment if one wants? I really don’t think so. No one knows when and how his/her relation with anyone would take a u-turn and their life might turn into a hell. But there also a few people on this earth who don’t care about any kind of relations. As you know coin resembles two contrasting sides, similarly this society hasn’t only thronged with these kinds of hypocritical individuals but also has the living souls who do care of their relations. Moreover these personages have been blessed with good luck to maintain any kind of relation-ships.
How much do you think would a relation-ship go on? I think it would go on beyond our imaginations. I don’t know about others but for me it’s beyond my vision. You might be thinking how it would go beyond my, yours and everybody’s ingenuities? I’d like to make you understand through a precise example. In this example I’ll try to make you understand how a ‘relation’ is. So here is the example:
Have you ever noticed a tree? I shouldn’t tell a tree, instead I must take a particular tree. Let the tree be a banyan tree. Hope everybody has seen a banyan tree. Our relation with anybody is exactly like the relation of the leaves of the banyan tree with it. You might me thinking how it can be possible, right? I’ll tell you how’s it possible. As you know the tree has basically three parts (a) the branches which are altogether attached to the main trunk of the tree; (b) the leaves which are the most important part of the tree; (c) the truck which act as the supporter of the branches. Hope you get it what I want you to understand. Exactly, you’re right. These two parts of the tree are dependent on each other as a human does in any relation in all aspects. So, the thing is quite simple. The two parts are correlated and interdependent to each other and a person. Yes, it’s quite tough for the tree to maintain this relation between its branches and leaves. Though, the trunk shores up its branches and leaves in any kind of natural calamities. Similarly, our relations are also uncomplicated and strong enough to fight any kind of hurdle like the tree. Actually the tree has no misunderstandings in it, but in case of humans we create unwanted misunderstandings which led to unhealthy relations. These misunderstandings are only the main culprit for everything which happens in a relation.
I’d also been through the same situation when a person (I don’t want to disclose the name) lost one of his most close corresponding just for a worthless misunderstanding. And that moment I decided to be straight-forward to any kind of relation and I also advised him to be a straight-cut man & not only him I advise everybody to be straight-forward person if he/she is in any-kind-of relation.      


  1. keep up the good work bro.
    and must say nicely plotted.

    1. Thank you @biswajit. And I'll give my best.

  2. To plot away the others feelings and your own way..
    Thats a true blogger.!
    Great piece of work.!

  3. Good Subham, Keep on writing and keep learning


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