India's Daughter


"India's Daughter" is the documentary by the British filmmaker Leslee Udwin. Her documentary recounts the infamous act in the city-state of Delhi in 2012, which literally forced the Indian government to take some strict action. The film was scheduled to be broadcast on the BBC in India this weekend. But at the last moment intervention from Indian Government has banned its release.
The movie depicts the brutal gang rape in Delhi with a 23-year-old paramedical student when she was getting back home with one of her male-friend from a movie at 8:30pm. The men were totally drunk and couldn't control their lust. The victim was  grievously lesion. And she dies out of pain. Hope you all know about that incident. 
This filthy act of 2012 had totally shocked and had conjured up the citizens of India for the safety of women and their empowerment.
This movie does the same. The movie went viral in Youtube and Torrent. Indian Government tried to stop this video from getting viral but their efforts were futile.
The Indian Government has done this to keep its subjects calm.

My opinion:
Indian Government shouldn't have banned this movie from releasing. Indian Government doesn't want to be get insulted. It'd be a great humiliation for our country.
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  1. Most of the ministers in Indian government are themselves corrupt, often involved in rapes, murders and such nefarious can not expect anything else from them.
    God save India!

    1. Yes you're correct even they don't have any idea about what they are doing and what they've done. They don't no power of we common men. If we take it to ourselves then they would be out of this field.


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