A Floral Story.

Apart from writing, snapping is something which has been the most important part of my life. And writing about those pictures is something which I like the most to do. Before this I wasn't able to showcase my pictures with a huge description, other than social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. But now I do have something through which I can showcase my photos.
I was thinking what should I write for my blog next. I'd many unnecessary and useless things in my mobile so one day all of a  sudden I decided to erase all the unwanted things from my smartphone. So soon I implement that idea and while doing so I saw some pictures which had been snapped by me. So, I thought why not I display or showcase those pictures on my blog which I eagerly I wanted to do for a long time.
I've clicked many pictures at different places and I've selected some images which I want to share with you. And today I'm going to showcase those images which have been snapped by me

On my terrace:

I found this flower everywhere when I went to Rosulpur with my mom and I was snapping pictures all around and snapped this one.

That day I was just going through a ally and I saw this beautiful tree which was having white leaves along green. I couldn't recognize the name.

 The Mustard flowers


Seems two Chrysanthymums are joint but actually it's not. Suddenly one evening I went to my terrace and was admiring the flowers and snapped this two flowers.

The Rose seems to be a Black Rose but it's actually not. It's a dip Red Coloured Rose. And I really want to see a Black Rose.

The Rose having the edges of its petals red and the middle part of the off white. One morning I got up late and directly went to the terrace and I roam a bit on the terrace and I saw this flower and snapped this picture.

On My Teacher's terrace:

These all pictures had been snapped in the morning when I went to my teacher's house urgently for discussing something. When I entered his house I was informed that he was on the terrace and I went there. And after stepping the first step I was spellbound for few minutes when I saw the natural beauty. I saw the flowers and the beauty of those flowers literally forced me to click all these images. And also again proved that natural beauty is the most beautiful thing in the world just we need the inner eyes to feel & find or discover it.

The Cosmos.


  1. Guys, Please tell me the names of the flowers in the section "On my teacher's terrace" and the first flower of the section "On my terrace".

  2. Hi Subham, Aw this post is amazing. I love it!

    I too love the flowers and their beautiful colors. And it seems like you can be a great photographer in future. I loved all the pictures clicked by you. They look really great.

    I am much impressed!

    - Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Actually, I want to showcase the beauty which I grabbed. And may be in future I would be a photographer & writer as well.

  3. Lovely snaps. Keep on clicking and capturing the moments and sharing them on your blog. :)

  4. What vivid and crisp colors these beauties have. I'm a girl but I'm not too familiar with the names of the rare flowers. I do appreciate them though.

    1. Hi, Subham. I saw your comment on my post.
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