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A Floral Story.

Apart from writing, snapping is something which has been the most important part of my life. And writing about those pictures is something which I like the most to do. Before this I wasn't able to showcase my pictures with a huge description, other than social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. But now I do have something through which I can showcase my photos.
I was thinking what should I write for my blog next. I'd many unnecessary and useless things in my mobile so one day all of a  sudden I decided to erase all the unwanted things from my smartphone. So soon I implement that idea and while doing so I saw some pictures which had been snapped by me. So, I thought why not I display or showcase those pictures on my blog which I eagerly I wanted to do for a long time.
I've clicked many pictures at different places and I've selected some images which I want to share with you. And today I'm going to showcase those images which have been snapped by me

On my terrace: