How To Increase Your Vocabulary and Implement In Your Daily Life.

Hello, friends today I'm going to share a few tips to increase your vocabulary in English and how to implement it in your daily life. I myself used these methods or you can say tips to increase mine and even now also I using it. 
So, starting with the methods and tips, you need to follow a few steps which is very important for you to increase your vocabulary which has helped me too.  Following are those things which you need to do and take those initiates:
  1. Go through Newspapers regularly. Be frequent to it.
  2. I know you would face problem regarding the meanings of critical words or the words which you have seen for the first time in your life. So, to know the meaning of those words don't Google it for its meaning, in place of that use dictionary.
  3. Using dictionary in computer is strictly prohibited (dictionary software for PC's).
 These are a few things which you have to follow strictly if you want to increase your vocabulary in English and use it in daily basis. 
Talking about the first initiate I would like to say reading newspaper is very good. In fact it's a very good habit. Apart from habit, it will provide you more new words which you have never heard or read and will present you different types of sentences in which those words are being used or can be use. Through this you will gain knowledge and will also have an idea how and where to use those words. I personally like reading newspaper; because everyday I get new words and find there meaning in dictionary.
Now jumping to the second and the last initiatives, the most important and vital part of increasing vocabulary which is also somehow boring and time-taking thing to do. But this time-taking helps a person a lot. I'll tell you how it can help. While you go through the newspaper, you find many words which are unfamiliar to you. And you try to find the meaning of those words in dictionary whether its electronic(in computer) or the book which you have. I personally would like to prefer you to go for the book dictionary like Oxford Dictionary, etc.. If you ask me why would I go for it, then simply I would answer you- while going through the dictionary for the word I'm searching for, I would find many other words which are going to help me later.
Apart from all these things read as much as you can, because it will help you later at any time as it does for me. I prefer reading throughout the day and mark those words which I read for the first time and find the meaning of those words afterwards. In this I increased my vocabulary and still trying to increase more.And definitely to implement it in your daily life I would suggest you to speak more English as you can and watch English movies and serials. It can also help you..!


  1. Well written. :)
    Keep blogging!

  2. Useful.. But_ how many we do to read the news? 2,3 or ?

  3. Take only one newspaper and try to read the whole newspaper. Because in one newspaper only you will find different types of word per day with whom you are less frequent.

  4. Nice bhai. Thanks for this article. Gonna implement all thses tips in my daily life.


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