The Changing World

When I was in my childhood, that time the world was not so developed. Actually, that time it had just  started changing and caught the speed. Might I have not seen the changes which were taking place, but my all elders they all have noticed the terrific changes which were going on. And, now it's totally changed. Here changed means it had altered in all aspects. So, I would like to share some of my views on this alteration which had been taking place and still going on with.

A graph showing urbanization in the world.

Ever since, I got the ability to think firmly, the first thing which struck to my mind was- How was the world previously during my childhood and how is it now? To answer this question I asked many persons(teachers, my parents, friends, elders, etc.), but after hearing those answers I was totally baffled. Then I started searching for the perfect and to the point answer to this question of mine. Then after reading a lot I got to a point which was very horrific for me and for all.  And this changes which has started happening has got a definite and specific term- URBANIZATION!

A over all result of researchers.
A couple of days earlier I read an article on this topic which literally inspired and forced me to write this, and after reading that I couldn’t stop myself to write this. The writer wrote about how the world has changed. Basically he is from a village in South India; and in his childhood he used to compare his village with his natal uncle’s house which was situated in a city of South India. And after his comparison he concluded that the village is far better than his natal uncle’s city. And now he has a job; and he has shifted to city for it. After shifting, he found that his small village was more good than his natal city and the city he currently dwelling in.
The effect of urbanization in India.
As the author of that article described how this world is changing drastically in a speedy manner and after reading that I also felt the same. And for me this term ‘urbanization’ means changing of the world technically and dramatically.  I don’t have any problem with this development which is taking place but the government should also keep the sustainability as well. But unfortunately it's not.

A overall graph for the urbanization taking in the mega-cities through out the world.
The daily alterations which are taking place in our society in the name of developing have a direct effect in our environment in various way. The major problem is the increasing population. And for the increasing population government is trying to render settlement to them and to furnishing them settlement, it is just changing the village into a city and replacing the forest and cultivatable land into a settlement area(compartment area, office apartment area, etc.). Thus, urbanization is taking place.

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  1. Hey Subham,

    Aren't we humans takers. I am all for advancement - but I fear we are heading in the wrong direction. People living on top of one another not because of choice but because of necessity. Your childhood in a village sounds wonderful, but will that be a possibility for other children now and in the future. If it is a possibility what will they miss out on? When we take from the environment we should be able to give back in some way or another. I don't have the answers but there are so many experts out there who can figure it out. But I think it comes down to money. There would be options but the cost would be high. I am delighted by progress I do become afraid where we are going as greed, power and take, take, take seem to sit at the top of government agenda.


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