Chamchagiri- A trend.

An entry to the The Great Indian Blogging Contest, as a part of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015.
 Theme: The Great Indian Chamcha.
Since India has got independence way back, we have heard and read about so many things happened and are still happening in our society. And apart from the society many things have changed in politics, but it's very unfortunate to say that something terrible is still going on. Not only politics, it has involved government sector and private sector as well. Now you are thinking what am I talking about? It's nothing but the sycophancy or the flattering that is used extensively to get the desired designation or some specific favor.

A spoon!
A Spoon.
Now you would probably ask me why am I talking about this rubbish topic of "The Chamcha", this is a shameless topic of our society and it's even becoming a part of our life.

‘The Chamcha’, it literary means spoon. Apart from its literary meaning it has a horrible connection with our life in day to day aspects. We all have started thinking or calling those flatters as “chamcha” in our common language.

Chamchas or the flatterers can be noticed everywhere if we have a good look around.  Look around here significantly means the government or a bureaucratic office. Hope you understand what I mean. Here’s a simple example to make you understand what I want to make you understand. Here’s a simple illustration that will surely let you understand what I want you to. It is a conversation between a 'Chamcha(PA),' and his 'Boss' . Both of them are government employ. Lets have a look :

(Scene1- in the office of his so-called boss)
Chamcha: Good Moring Sir! 
 Boss: Yea, good morning.  So, have you planned today’s schedule?
Chamcha: No, sir. I completely forgot to do it.
Boss: What? How can you be so careless? Yesterday you got all the appointment letters and today I also have to go for a meeting at the office of Head Sir. He has personally instructed me to be there before anyone else so that he could handle me a few important papers for the meeting and I think we are also going to discuss about your promotion. It's been quite a long time since you’re working here.
Chamcha (with excitement): Oh, thank you so much Sir. You are really great. But may I know what will you exactly talk about me and my promotion?
Boss(with irritation & aggressive voice): How should I know about this and how you dared to ask this wacky question? I think you should control your excitements or else you may in trouble in near future.
Chamcha (in apologetic tone): Sorry, Sir! I shouldn’t have asked like this. Really sorry sir, I have prepared today’s schedule. But Sir, please do talk to Head Sir for my promotion.

(Scene2- in the car-on the way to High Sir’s office )
Boss (ordered): Give me the handkerchief I want to use it.
Chamcha: Yes Sir use mine. I don’t have any problem. (Behind the scene the chamcha is thinking that - A few days more I have to work for this fat bull. He will certainly talk to Head sir for my promotion and after the approval I didn't have to work for this piece of shit.)
Boss (with little harshness): Okay okay... no need to flatter more. (Behind the scene he is thinking that - he is flattering just because I told him that I would talk to Head sir for his promotion. It’s a good chance to make him work and humiliate him. I think I shouldn’t talk about his promotion today. Let use him for few days more.)

(Scene3- after the gets over, again in the car-way to his own office)

Chamcha: Sir, did you talk to Head Sir for my promotion?
Sir (straight forwardly): No!
Chamcha (sadly): What? Why?..(He lost his hope for getting promoted)
Hope you all understood the message that I want to convey. In scene 1 the chamcha get to know about his promotion, that to all of a sudden from his boss; scene 2 shows you how in excitement the chamcha started flattering/oiling his boss and in the last scene he was betrayed cunningly by his boss. Friends, this is something which you all can easily notice all over the country that too especially in any government office. This is one of the major reasons in India why no government employ can prosper in his/her profession.
I have never imagined that I may face this type of challenge and would experience writing on such a 'hat-k' topic suggested by the Kolkata Bloggers.


  1. Nice one Subham. Make sure you never become one. Trust me there are better ways to excel in your career.

    1. yes. By the way I don't like flattering others, even I like to do things on my own.


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