Belated Merry Christams

Hello guys, it has been a long time since I posted my last article on my blog. I hope you liked it.
This post relates about my experience on the Christmas eve.

I thought it would be a simple day as everyday. But, all of a sudden when I got up in the morning and my brother started requesting mom to buy a cake. My mom said to my brother, "Afterwards go and buy it!"
So, throughout the day I was also waiting for the cake. After every couple of weeks I was asking my brother when he was going to bring the cake?
Finally in the evening dad had bought the cake and handed it over to us. Then finally we were preparing to cut it. And these are a few snapshot of that cake-

  Apart from cutting cake, all of a sudden we(I, my brother, my brother's friend & my elder brother Amit bhaiya) all planed to go to the most famous and old church of our city. So, after planing all this we all moved on to the church. After reaching the church I was just delighted with the decoration and the warmth atmosphere was inspiring me to write this. A snapshot of the interior decoration of the church-

And the most vital thing of the Church which really touched me was the candle stand. I loved it most of all what we all did that day.

After having a visit to Jesus, we all moved to the coffee shop. Actually, this one is mine favorite place where I like to visit; and whenever I go to market, it is obvious that I will have a cold coffee or lussi. But, most of the time I prefer cold coffee. And a few still moment with my brother and his friend-

My brother with his best friend; he is a guy which is a fun loving person & a very helpful person.

Me with my brother's friend.

Me with my brother.

I know this post should have been posted on Christmas night or the day after that. I was wondering that that day would have been a as usual day for me. I'm thankful to my brother and his friend and Amit bhaiya.


  1. Good looking cake, sounds like a great Christmas too! Family is what makes life worth living!

    1. Ya, you are correct. And after family friends are the most important part of anyone's life & they can also make the life good.


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