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Belated Merry Christams

Hello guys, it has been a long time since I posted my last article on my blog. I hope you liked it. This post relates about my experience on the Christmas eve.
I thought it would be a simple day as everyday. But, all of a sudden when I got up in the morning and my brother started requesting mom to buy a cake. My mom said to my brother, "Afterwards go and buy it!" So, throughout the day I was also waiting for the cake. After every couple of weeks I was asking my brother when he was going to bring the cake? Finally in the evening dad had bought the cake and handed it over to us. Then finally we were preparing to cut it. And these are a few snapshot of that cake-

Apart from cutting cake, all of a sudden we(I, my brother, my brother's friend & my elder brother Amit bhaiya) all planed to go to the most famous and old church of our city. So, after planing all this we all moved on to the church. After reaching the church I was just delighted with the decoration and the warmth …

Why always no to them? (part1)

After reading many articles and a few books of history relating to the condition of women in ancient time, I got to know this that the girls were being deprived of their privileges or rights and were being tortured, since the time of historical writing. Here my first post will show you the condition of women in two different countries. CONDITION OF WOMEN IN ROME: Women were freeborn but couldn't hold any political position because of their limited public role. But only a few women used to held political position who had a political and wealthy family background. Many women of fierce Republican-era like Cornelia; Fulvia commanded  an army and issued coins bearing their  own images. Express Helena, mother of King Constantine was the driving force in promoting Christianity. Education system in Roman society for girls and boys were more or less same where as girls belonging to a higher class as compared to others used to get higher education if they wanted. But they weren't allowe…


Good morning guys. This is my blog relating to social life and I want to show you how our day to day activities are affecting our society and I want you to have a look on my blog which will provide you all basic information about all the things happening in our society. Guys my actually post will be my first article which I'm going to post tonight, I'm very excited to put the society in front of you guys. Hope you like it. Please, whoever is reading my post please put his/her feedback in the comment box below and your feedback is valuable to me which keep me in form. Have a nice day and keep suspense till tonight.